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Our order application offers quick and easy access to robotic MIG welding services for complex weld jobs and metal 3d printing through WAAM process (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing). MIG welding is a reliable and versatile welding technique that produces clean, smooth welds with minimal spatter. We offer competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and high-quality workmanship to ensure your satisfaction. Fill the form today and experience the convenience and quality of robotic MIG welding services at your fingertips.

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At FSM we provide the various Client services in the domain of Smart Manufacturing. The services will enable clients to test and debug problems before installing the solution at site.The services will enable clients to experiment and innovate with an appropriate mix of standard and customised solutions.

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About Us

Foundation for Smart Manufacturing (FSM) helps, supports, and develops Smart Manufacturing concepts for Indian Industry to witness, ideate, and try out in their own plants. FSM also aims at developing a holistic educational curriculum and skill-building program through a vibrant incubation and administrative environment.
FSM Skills is a holistic platform for providing immersive training experience through Live lectures, Online learning, Live demonstrations, Live Labs and Self paced exercises on remotely accessible actual hardware.

Why Choose Us

FSM is focussed on enabling people from becoming Smart to Samarth (capable) fraternity by creating awareness, step-wise learning and becoming an expert from domains driving Industry 4.0

Strong Academic
Academic strength of IIT Delhi brought interdisciplinary learnings to FSM. Expert Faculty members from various departments contribute to it.
Consultation to
FSM has highly trained manpower to implement the Industry 4.0 projects in guidance with experienced faculty members and industry partners.
Wide Research
M.Tech and Ph.D students doing research in Smart manufacturing are contributing to FSM technologies and increase its knowledgebase.
FSM brought industry partners from MNCs operating all across the globe to bring rich experience in the smart manufacturing technologies.


The Automation Industries Association (AIA) in its quest to set up a Common Engineering Facility Center (CEFC) at IIT Delhi has brought together experts from various industries in the sector of automation. These experts look forward to work together and use their industrial experience along with various verticals to initiate smart manufacturing in India. The following firms have agreed to come together to set up the CEFC. They comprise Technology & Investment Partners, Simulation & Integration Partners and Machinery Partners.
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